JamCooler is the ultimate party cooler. The world’s first premium cooler with integrated speakers and wireless music control is designed to wow the crowd with its incredible sound and impressive cold storage capacity. The JamCooler gives you a rugged go-anywhere cooler with a Bluetooth-enabled sound system that will keep the party raging. Prepare yourself to be the life of the party with the ultimate in portable sound for the outdoors. With space for over one hundred ice cold beverages and power for up to ten hours of thumping jams, the JamCooler will truly FEED THE PARTY!!


"Thank you. It's Awesome!"">
-Colin J., Chicago, IL

"We’ve unpacked the cooler, which is both larger and more awesome than we imagined."

-Eli M., San Francisco, CA

"Thank you. It's Awesome!"

-Kat T., Houston, TX

"Every week for kickball we play it a 90%-100% volume for 4 hours minimum and while I normal put it on the trickle charger every week the other week I didn't and the battery still held out so that's at least 8 hrs at damn near max volume.  And a side benefit I didn't really expect or think about is that the cooler itself is badass it keeps ice for days."

-Erich M., Tampa, FL

"Da jam coola is da best coola I eva had."

-Erich M., Tampa, FL

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